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Q.    You use the terms "open boarded" and "closed boarded" when describing pallets...What do these terms actually mean?
A.    We use the term "open boarded" to describe the type of pallet where there are no cross boards on the bottom of the pallet across the direction of entry (see fig 1). This is typically the style of a "Euro" pallet. These open boarded pallets can be lifted with any of our range of stackers. The bottom boards of a closed boarded pallet get in the stabilising legs of a conventional stacker (see fig i2). This type of pallet requires the use of a straddle or counterbalanced stacker.

Q.    How wide is a straddle legged stacker?
A.    To work out the straddle gap required, take the width of your largest pallet will need to allow for your largest pallet width and add 100mm. To calculate the maximum width of this machine, take the straddle leg gap and add a further 200mm.

Pallet Trucks

Q. I need a “standard” pallet truck, what size do I need?
A. The Term “standard” can very greatly dependant on the industry and should be treated with caution.  There are various styles of pallet truck in use and each type of pallet needs its own specific type of truck.
Euro pallets are 1200mm x 800mm with the 800mm side being “open boarded”.  The pallets are generally entered by the 800mm end and transported lengthways.  The narrower 540mm truck is used for this type of pallet.  Most popular is the 1150mm fork length, which will give maximum support.
British, US or GKN (Blue) pallet are around a metre wide and are better suited to the wider 685mm trucks with the 10000mm length best suited to the GKN pallet.
Printers A2 Pallets are a particular size used in the print industry sized to A2 paper.  A special 455mm x 1000mm truck is available for this application.

Q.   I have really low pallet and a standard pallet truck just won’t go into them.  HELP!
A. Don’t worry, most pallet trucks have a closed height of 85mm but we have two models of low profile pallet trucks that will help.  Our LP2000 has a closed height of 57mm and the new SLP1000 has a closed height of just 36mm.  These trucks are ideal for many pallet arriving into the UK from the US and the Far East.
Q. I want to lift 2 roll cages at a time with a pallet truck.  How can you help?
A. Our pallet trucks are available from stock up to 2000mm long and 3000mm to order.  These longer trucks are ideal for multiple cages or for removals crates.  Also, trucks can be produced up to 1500mm wide if required.

High-Lift Pallet Trucks

Q. I have seen a high-lift pallet truck and it looks ideal to lift pallet onto a small van, will this truck do the job?
A. No, it is a misconception that a high-lift pallet truck can be used as a stacker.  The two reasons for this are that when a high-lift pallet truck is raised the two outrigger legs are lowered to prevent the truck from moving once the forks are about a foot off the ground.  Also, even if the truck could move, the scissor legs would get in the way.  A stacker must be used in this application.
Q.  Everybody seems to sell the high-lifts in only one or two sizes, I need to lift a long or wide load to work height, can you help me?
A. Yes, the Kentruck range of high-lifts can be produced in lengths of up to 2500mm long and 1500mm wide and can also be produced to lift to 900mm rather than 800mm…Just ask!


Q. I want to fit a carpet boom or other attachment to my stacker, how can this be done?
A. Generally, our stackers are fitted with fixed width forks.  Most of our range can be fitted with an ITA class II carriage (as fitted on to forktrucks).  This will then allow the fitment of many standard attachments.  Always consult us before fitting attachments, as the capacity of the truck will invariably be altered.  Also, with and ITA carriage, standard forklift forks can be fitted to adjustable fork width.
Q. With an electric stacker, how do I charge the battery? And how long will it take to charge?
A. All our stackers are fitted with either an internal or external charger that can be operated from a standard 3-pin mains socket. No special supply is needed.  All of our chargers will charge a completely discharged battery overnight.  If the truck is required immediately and the battery is completely dead, there is no problem with charging the battery for a few minutes to “get you out of trouble” this should be avoided wherever possible but can be done occasionally.
Work Positioners

Q. I need to lift a stillage to working height but then need to reach to the bottom of it to remove goods; this is difficult with a high lift pallet truck.
A. The ERGO 800 is a purpose built work-positioner capable of lifting a stillage or pallet then tilting it to 45d degrees in either direction.  This makes easy work of loading or unloading all types of stillage.  The lift and tilt functions can be either manual or electric in operation.  The electric lift machines use a cable operated remote control unit which can be place in a position convenient for the operator.

Q. I am working on a delicate floor and am worried about marking or scratching it.
A. All of our trucks are available with softer polyurethane wheels to prevent such damage.  Also available are steel wheel to prevent pick up of swarf on engineering works or anti-static wheels often used in pharmaceutical or medical applications.
Q. I can’t see the answer to my question above, what should I do?
A. PHONE US ON 01525 717174.  We will help you.

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